Monday, September 29, 2008

Some Halftime Thoughts

I don't usually blog much about sports directly. The occasional baseball post around playoff time (that one's coming soon, I reckon); the once-in-a-while comment on college football or basketball. Not much. But, since I am in the midst of watching the Ravens play the dreaded Steelers on Monday Night Football, I thought I would toss out a few observations here at halftime.

1. After ten years of rotating quarterbacks, it might just be that this team has found a suitable field leader. After two and a half games, it is far too early to tell if Flacco is an All-Pro calibre QB, but it doesn't take much to see that he is better than Kyle Boller, Stoney Case, Chris Redman, and even an aging (not in-his-prime) Steve McNair. A strong arm, and a (so far) lack of mistakes--Baltimore hasn't seen that since...well, maybe John Unitas (apologies to Bert Jones, of course).

2. Willis McGahee is not long for this team. Too many injuries. Is McLain a decent replacement? So far.

3. The defense is playing better than I may have seen since 2006. Even with a decimated secondary, they still look good. Of course, Big Ben hasn't had time to test the D backs much...

The second half is under way. Back to the game!

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La Fashionista said...

Unfortunately, these days I comment even less about sports - especially pro football. Somehow I did manage to catch a few minutes the Redskins-Cowboys game on Sunday, so that was exciting. Sort of.

Wishing you more excitement with that whole deal.