Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, my friends, Friday found us waking up with a cold/flu thing going on. A post-nasal feeling coming over spring break's day one. Bummer. It still has a grip on me, but, for better or worse (probably worse), I have been trying to behave as if I have nothing slowing me down.

The big news is that this afternoon, at about 2pm CDT (1pm CST), Monkey downed a big ol' heap of radioactive iodine. According to the physicist, her restrictions are not as bad as we thought (she can be three feet away from me for up to four hours), she will still dose me with 10% of the radioactivity that a nuclear medicine worker can safely receive in a year. I guess that's okay.

I just want her to be better. I just want this ordeal (which is not too much of an ordeal in the grand scheme) to be over. But, I am a bit nervous about the effect of the treatment on both of us. The doctors don't seem too worried, and I will take my cue from them.

Right now, I am going to go check on my little glow worm.


La Fashionista said...

I'm so grateful that the treatment is finally happening. Let the healing continue.

Sending you and Monkey much love!


boring election said...

Just consider it a healthy glow. Or a (getting) healthy (again) glow.

I'm curious how it makes her feel physically? Can she tell she's radioactive? What's that like?

Anyway, nothing but Monkey love heading your way from BoCoMo.

comoprozac said...

So, can you be within one foot of M for an hour and 19.2 minutes? Does it work that way?

Good luck to both of you. Like La Fashionista said,"Let the healing continue."