Thursday, March 20, 2008

As Spring Breaks, Spring Break; And The Madness Begins

Early this morning (I think, like, 12:54 am), Spring sprung. The Vernal Equinox. The start of the Earth's rebirth (at least in this hemisphere). Lovely.

This noon, in arenas around the land, the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament began. Having just gotten home from work, I really have no idea who has won or lost so far, and, in a new town, I have no idea where the best place to see all the games is, but, I have more important things to deal with presently (I'll get to them in a mo). Anyway, I like the college basketball, you all probably know, so, this is a joy of a fortnight (plus) for me.

To top it all off, at 3:03 today, Spring Break officially began for me. How great of a triple coincidence is all that (it doesn't happen every year, you know)? S, I am having what many folks would call a "good" day. (Note my ironic use of irony--is that a double irony, or do they cancel each other out?--or am I being sarcastic, which is not ironic?--who cares?)

While all that is great, Monkey's health issues continue, but, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. After several false starts, due to unfavorable test results (her hormone levels needed to be at a certain mark, and they weren't), Monkey is scheduled to take her radioactive iodine treatment on Tuesday. This is good, because once the treatment is over, she should be certified USDA cancer-free. It is also good, because once she takes the radioactive pill, she will be able to end this low-iodine diet she is on that allows her to eat leaves and nuts and chicken and that's about it. She is looking forward to crabcakes and macaroni and cheese and chocolate. This is bad, however, because, for at least the first four days, Monkey will be a glowing mass of radioactivity, not unlike a nascent superhero. She will have to be quarantined, and we will need to maintain a certain distance. But, as awful as that may be, it's only for a few days, and it will be necessary for her to get better, which is what we all want, right? Plus, she doesn't really like me that much anyway, and is, most likely, looking forward to having a whole radioactive bed to herself.

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La Fashionista said...

This place is right around the corner from us. It's perfect for watching the NCAA tourney. And it's a Penn State bar! Apparently it has wi-fi, which is very important in a sports bar. Ima try to get there tomorrow afternoon for the AU-Tennessee game. To tie in the spring thing, this bar has outdoor seating so as to allow for the drinking-televised sports-prana trifecta.

On a more serious note, we continue to keep Monkey in our daily thoughts and prayers. We love you both and are sending blessings through the treatment process.