Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sloth (But, You Know, Not In A Deadly Sin Kind of Way)

So the end of first semester brings a pseudo-three-day weekend. Monday is a workday, but I'll have no new students until Tuesday. I have to go in to finish some grading and get prepared for next semester. Tuesday will be like the start of a new school year. I'll have all new students, a different schedule; we start over from square one. This semester, I'll have only one section of American Lit and two sections of English 10. I am hoping and planning to have a better time with my 10th graders this semester. I'll be better prepared for them on all fronts, and they'll be different kids, so, they will be completely not the kids I just had...that has to be better. Oooo, maybe I shouldn't say that. You know, anything can happen. I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed.

At any rate, it is a stress-free weekend, and we need that. We can spend some time together, run some errands, do some individual things, and, generally take it easy. At the moment, after dropping off the Christmas tree at the mulching sight, grocery shopping, and a lunch of Grateful Bread soup, Monkey is on the phone with a COMO acquaintance, and I am watching Green Bay put the pedal to the metal after falling behind 14-0 to the Seahawks. Brett Favre has managed to pull off one of his patented "Did he just do that?" under-handed-flip-while-stumbling-away-from-pressure-before-falling-on-his-face completions, as he lead his team down the field to take a 28-17 lead into the locker room at halftime. Whatever might the second half hold? Oh, and an added bonus: it's snowing up there! You gotta love a playoff football game in the Wisconsin snow!

And, now, as the second half gets under way, I will take my leave to continue this wonderfully slothful portion of my easy-going weekend.

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AMVB said...

Today part of our sloth involved ordering yummy Chinese takeout for dinner. Can I just tell you that from here on the couch I can turn my head to look out our window and see Sichuan Wok not even a block from our place? I walked there in the Aim equivalent of the Monkeypants, thereby guaranteeing (of course) that we would wait for our food - and also allowing other patrons to consider my sloth fashionista style.

While we were waiting for our food, I caught some of the game - snowy and slippery, with the Pack in the lead.

We just got four Art Blakey CDs and have been listening to them almost nonstop. I am in heaven.

We delight in the sloth of today. Life = good.

Enjoy your relaxing weekend!!!