Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Lost Soul Returns to Me

This week, my days have consisted of slogging through work feeling achey and poor, coming home to take a belt of generic Ny-Quil, and passing out ASAP. Last night, I changed that up a bit, as I sat on the sofa and watched the MD-VA basketball game (a nail-biter that should have been a blow out). Today, I am feeling passing fair, so I thought I would update the blog.

When I was cutting my teeth on the local music scene in B-more, one of my two favorite bands was Monkeyspank (the other was the highly theatrical, and totally ass-kicking, All Mighty Senators). Monkeyspank was a sight to see: a mop-haired, rail-thin, screeching singer and lead guitar player, channeling Jesus, the Devil, and Elvis through his voice and his guitar, lead a band that consisted of rhythm: multiple bass players and dummers. It was a screaming, driving, grab-you-by-the-core-and-make-you-pinball-around-with-total-strangers kind of sound. After a few years and a couple of albums: (Daemons Flew Out of My Mouth (a truly amazing piece of work) and Blue Mud), I guess the band realized they were all going in different directions, Monkeyspank existed no more. I saw Brian, the screeching guitarist, playing a guest appearance with a solo folky-chick at a bar in Fells Point, I heard him play with a roots-y kind of band, the Bolton Hillbillys, and then, as far as I could tell, he was gone.

On a whim this weekend, I was surfing around the internets, looking for any Monkeyspank info, when I heard that Brian was in Austin playing in a band called Combo Mahalo . No longer the screeching guitar god, Brian now plays with a Hawaiian band with an awesome sound. It's funny, when I heard him singing "Mystery Train" so many years ago, I should have seen this coming. But, I didn't.

By the way, I bought a CD--they sound awesome. Welcome back to the musical side of my life, Brian!


AMVB said...

A good purchase in honor of payday. Woo!

Hey, your link for Combo Mahalo jumps to AMS. Did someone forget to switch it up after the cut-n-paste? I'm curious to see what your actual link is supposed to be. After all, I am a loyal reda.

If I were you, I'd blame it all on the generic meds.



ATR said...

That has been repaired. Damn generic drugs!

AMVB said...

Way to triumph over those generic drug-altered states and the products that produce them!

Cute link for a novel band - though I found the interface disagreeable. Worth the fix so that yo' CentStand redas can check it.

Speaking of fix, how are those generic meds treating you? I hope you feel better soon!

Tonight we're heading up to Cape May, NJ with friends. My beach snobbery is in full force every time I utter the word "shore," but regardless it should be very nice to be along the ocean.

May you honor your inner Jersey as I get my fill on. [I present you with this softball as an endearing gift of sibling-esque friendship.]


Anonymous said...

Well, thank you for all the nice words. I had a great time playing in that band and wished we could have done more. You can now check out the Monkeyspank MySpace page @

and for anyone who wants to feel the Aloha spirit go to the MySPace again for more up to date stuff@

malama pono.