Friday, January 25, 2008

I Need to Get Paid

It's the last weekend in what seems like the longest month ever. For some reason--probably the way the holidays fell this year (all around the weekends)--I got paid around the 28th of last month. That, combined with the 31 days I must endure this month, the ridiculously cold temperatures that have inflated the heating bill, the outlandish price of cheese, the termination of the six-month introductory cable rate, and the dreaded Christmas charge card bills, have managed to leave me in my own little budget crisis (I think Monkey's experiencing one, too).

As it always happens, however, February is short (although longer than usual this year (Leap, baby!)). Doesn't that mean I'll have lots of money left over after next month? Doesn't it? Huh?


boring election said...

Amen, brother. The University decided to pay me on Dec. 21. I tried to pretend it didn't happen, but it did and I couldn't.

Jan. 31 can't come soon enough. (Plus, it's my birthday!)

Jami said...

Three words Tony -
Beans and Cornbread.

La Fashionista said...

And I will add: lentils, bananas, and cabbage. I would like to include eggs, but I advocate for the organic, cage-free which ain't cheap. Maybe you should invest in some chickens.

I had no awareness of the skyrocketing costs of cheese. Your blog is très informative!


La Fashionista said...

Let's all celebrate getting paid!!!