Tuesday, January 08, 2008

At The 1/52 Pole

After one week of 2008, I'm thinking it's gonna be a long one. All of Monkey's medical problems on top of my personal dissatisfaction with our recent relocation mixed with my (perhaps not unprecedented) dread of watching the last days of my thirties tick by have conspired to put me in a funk of epic proportions. I hope to find in a day or two that this is merely temporary.

Let me take a moment to try to turn my attitude around by counting a few (and by no means all) of the positives in my life:

1. Monkey is really in good shape. Thyroid cancer is one of the easiest cancers to treat. Her cancer was removed. The iodine is "precautionary." She will soon (a few months) be fine.

2. I have a great marriage. Our recent visitor and our recent stresses have helped to remind me how strong the Monkey bond is. Without getting maudlin, I am a lucky one.

3. First semester is coming to a close. This could be a double-edged sword. Next semester could be worse. But, at least, the passage of time puts me more at ease in my job.

4. I am pretty fit. Even as I approach a birthday (I know, it's a year away, but I can't stop thinking about it) that used to mark one's physical decline, I feel better now than I ever have.

Well, four will have to do, since I ought to get to work. Here's hoping today is the best day ever!

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La Fashionista said...

I've been thinking about both Monkey and you lately, and I can understand the pensiveness and the funk.

Of course, another downer is this. But, hey, that was soooo totally last year. And it probably won't ever happen again anyway.

You are indeed in good shape. I was just lamenting while running the other day how you've dusted me from the get-go. And besides, don't get caught up in our culture's obsession with forever youth and non-aging. I know you aren't easily swayed by these messages, but I think it's very hard to escape some kind of cumulative effect. True, it is daunting to be present with our finiteness, but profound denial at the cultural level contributes to the perception of aging as unilaterally negative.

I send you and Monkey unwavering hope and love as you discover your resilience and any unexpected blessings that you may encounter.

And of course, feel free to bring the funk cranky style all you want. We accept funk and cranky here too.