Thursday, December 06, 2007

Who's in Charge of Scheduling Around Here?

It snowed today. A quick four inches fell, mixed with some sleet and sundry freezy precip, making the roads treacherous. However, the timing could not have been worse for those of us in the edumucation biz.

As I stopped into Panera to get a cup of coffee at 6:45, not a flake was falling, not a bead of sleet was pinging from my car's hood. It was just cold. Really cold. The forecast was for a wintry mix, but nothing was happening at first light. I got to school and settled in. There are few windows in the academic wings of my building, so I was working on last minute lesson plan notes at 8 am, completely unaware that in the hour that I had been there, it had started actively snowing. Heavily.

We got about an inch an hour until twelve. Monkey called me at school to tell me that it was bad out and that she had cancelled the rest of her day. That is saying something. Monkey is generally fearless about the weather, so, I figured if she were giving up on the day, it must have been bad.

The day was a bit of a task, as it was all we teachers could do to keep our charges' minds out of the snow and focused on their work (a hard task on a normal day). But, we managed. After four hours of snowless skies, I cleaned off the car and headed home. It was a slippery adventure, as the roads were slick and icy. Even the relatively clear ones seemed to have a skein of ice on them. But, slowly and carefully, we made it home in one piece.

Of course, when I got home, I had to shovel the walks and the driveway. The driveway is slopey. Monkey couldn't get the Penguin into the garage, and I nearly ended up on my butt several times as I cleared the way for her and the vehicle. But, mission accomplished.

So, I got all the headache of a good snow, without the payoff. I know Aunt James would be pissed about that. By the way, I see it's snowing/icing in CoMo. A snow day for my brothers and sisters on the other side of the Big Muddy?


Jami said...

Totally tragic Tony. We got a couple of inches and the roads are slick but they should be cleared by morning. It's okay though because Sharon Ray said that there was a good chance of "an icy situation on Sunday night" so the anticipation is long and drawn out. I love winter! I'll call you this weekend. Happy Friday...hope you get to go to a happy hour and not a meeting tomorrow afternoon.

Love on Ripkin for me and tell Mary Meghan "hello" -Jami

La Fashionista said...
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La Fashionista said...

Bu'cept for that car in the background, brotha looks like he done stepped off the cover of an LL Bean catalog! Very nice.

Also, I had no idea that you had one of those work-tough one-piece outfit deals. Do you have steel-toed boots too? You really need to be careful in your accessory choices with that unithing. The hat was a tasteful choice, giving an air of sophisticated nonchalance to the whole ensemble.

While we're talking weather, I'll share the DC area winter update. We had about an inch of snow accumulate over the day yesterday.

Such a blizzard completely paralyzes this nation's glorious capital. It is saying something that never is the driving behavior as random and bizarre here as when there is a) a *forecast* for snow and b) actual snow. You get the superslows (speeds of 15 mph max) and the nostops (act like it is too risky for them to stop anytime anyplace), resulting in the oddest and most unpredictable driving maneuvers. And of course all the chil'ens are home from school because of the treacherous roads. Top it off - best of all - that the many entitled people (who are always the jaw-dropping unbelievably ultra-aggressive drivers) are simply too (self-)important to risk being out in such foul weather.

The result? Yesterday = crazy. This morning? Well, I had the best commute ever! 20 minutes of smooth sailing! Everyone's reactivity ultimately resulted in a fabulous payoff, but what preceded that was out of control. Seriously, I have never seen such irrational driving when there is a forecast for snow but no actual snow anywhere!

It is truly one of the strangest people phenomena I have ever experienced.

Phew! End of rant.

Boring Election said...

I really want to believe that is one of your cars in the background w/ the classy yellow ribbon and heart detailing temporarily bedecking the window. It created a nice backdrop for your Groundskeeper Willy impersonation.

Will be interested to hear of those up North are a little less alarmist when it comes to weather. I'm not wishing fewer snow days on you, but I'm curious to see how you compare Cornhole w/ CoMo when it comes to calling off school.

ATR said...

Sorry to disappoint, BE, but that is a Chevy back there. Not a car I would drive. Although, the festive window decor and magnetic decals are an enticement. It has been more than once that I have thought about crossing the street and making them an offer. Good sense always intervenes.

Jami said...

Snow Day in BoCoMo Mr. Reda. We got that "ice situation" that Sharon Ray talked about last Thursday. I suspect we will be out until Thursday. -Jami

boring election said...

I just have to say that I'm impressed by Aunt James' prediction of a snow day a full 4 days out.

An unrelated note, go see "No Country For Old Men." (FYI to you animal lovers out there, brace yourselves for a couple unpleasant scenes.) Jami - it's how you could enjoy your snow day. Having had to get my sorry self to work this morning, I can attest that the roads are really not that bad.