Sunday, March 11, 2007

Staying Out of Trouble

The Marxist protest passed with little incident, yesterday. Check here for news of the event.

I avoided the downtown area yesterday, choosing to spend the late morning and early afternoon at Eagle Bluffs, on my first true birding trip of the year. That's sad, but true. It appears that most of the ducks have moved on, but I did get a great look at the area's resident bald eagle and several beautiful views of a northern harrier patroling the area. Not a great day, but an adequate (though late) start for the year.

I proceeded directly to the Hyve, and, on the way back, could see a crowd of people several blocks south gathered on 9th Street. A helicopter hovered overhead.

Once home, I napped inadvertently.

That evening, I attended the closing night of the school Spring musical The Leader of the Pack. I was entertained. It was mostly a musical revue, with a loose framework of a story, as all of the songs were written by Ellie Greenwich, a song-writing power of the 60s. I'd never heard of her, but I did know her songs. The kids did a fine job. Unfortunately, the woman behind me showed up late with a three year old that couldn't keep his mouth shut. Annoying, really.

Today, it's laundry and grading (with a healthy dose of basketball thrown in). It is a beautiful day. The dog will be walked, for sure.

In other news, Shearwater has signed with Matador Records. Misra loses another horse from its stable. The Shearwater website says that Matador will be re-releasing the band's last album, Palo Santo, in an expanded, re-recorded version. This raises the question: does one buy an album one already has, if it has new songs, etc.? I say, "No."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update about the protest. I'm glad it was uneventful.

Napping inadvertently, eh? That's like tripping or stubbing your toe. One minute you're vertical and alert and then - bam! - napping! I'm sure it was a nap of a champion even if it was inadvertent.

The weather here is beautiful too. On Saturday I got to watch the G-town-S'cuse men's lax game in addition to basketball, so that was a nice treat.