Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Landed Gentry

Monkey and I placed an offer on another house yesterday, just three houses down from the previous house. We agreed not to talk about it, blog about it, speculate about it, draw pictures of it, imagine Ripken running around inside of it, or even contemplate the possibility that our offer would be accepted. We were still feeling pretty burnt from the previous Flip This House debacle.

On our way to the Great Sushi Disappointment of 2007, we got a call from our realtor telling us that the selling agent had contacted all other realtors who had shown the house to let them know that an offer had been made on the house. Another offer was being made by someone who had been on the fence previously. Monkey and I were initially angry, but we mellowed out quickly and decided that we weren't goning to get this one either. We were prepared to make another offer on another house today.

So, it was a double whammy yesterday, as we experienced crummy sushi-ness on top of expecting the worst in real estate-ness. All of which equals crappy-ness.

This morning, we got the call. Our offer was ACCEPTED! We will soon own a house. This is awesome in all the possible ways that awesome can be awesome.

More later....


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! This is wonderful news!



Squeaks said...

Nice Mr.Reda, Congratulations. o_o lookie i found your blog. \(^_^)/

Have a wonderful time in Lincoln.

O_o why does this thing need word verification...

wonder how awkward this is for you.

-------------The End------------

Anonymous said...

see.. u should have listend to your own blog.. sushi never works out well.. except on those very rare times when it does, but we don't speak of that

Anonymous said...

congratulations on having a house. houses are pretty good. even better if they have windows.

[at least, that's what the homeless men downtown keep telling me, as they waddle down through peace park with a large cardboard box strapped to their back]

still, awesome =]

Magdalene said...

Fabtastic news!!!
Looking forward to the details.