Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Creeping Closer to Real

Well, the house is almost a done deal, according to the conventional wisdom (our realtor), but it is still not official. Of course, I guess it won't be official until we close on it, so, that will be a waiting game, no matter what. Haven't I waited long enough? I guess a few more weeks won't hurt.
I met today with the principal and Language Arts department head of the local Catholic school. I got a pretty good vibe from them and the school. It was not an interview. The application process for the job opening (or openings, as I understood the department head), starts this week, so I will have to come back for an interview next month. The meeting was pretty good. I liked the sense I got from them and from the school, itself. I know that a Catholic school is not even close to a perfect fit for me, but on the drive back to the hotel, I felt like the positives of working there might outweigh any of the negatives. There are a bunch of things for me still to discover about the school, but, for a preliminary meeting, it was pretty good.
As far as the other school districts, I have yet to hear anything. It will be nice to get this process over with, but I hope to remain patient, and I hope to find the best possible job available for me in the area. Where will that be? Only time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the meeting with the school went well. Best wishes with the process.

That house totally isn't a Monkey house. You two deserve a better house than that!

I'm only saying this because the first thing I saw went your blog loaded was "No House For You!" so I already knew the outcome before I read this entry. It really is a cute house, but not meant to be, I'm sorry to hear. You'll find the house that's meant for you. Hang in there.