Monday, March 19, 2007

Choosing the Path of Least Distraction

My hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
Flow it, show it
Long as God can grow it
My hair
--The Cast of Hair, "Hair"

Two things are dreadfully wrong with the previous lyrics. First, and foremost, it's from a show tune (You know how I know you're gay...?). Second, it's about "long beautiful hair / shining gleaming streaming / flaxen waxen /[...] down to there hair." Of which I got none.

Around about bedtime last night, I convinced myself that the mohawk would just be too much of a distraction at school. I was going to shave it off, anyway, so tomorrow would have been just as distracting as today, as the transformation from "Mohawk Reda" to "Bald-headed Reda" caused additional stir. I figured it would be better, classroom management-wise, if I just had one day of distraction.

It was quite a stir as it was. The kids reacted as you would expect: everything from shrieks of horror to peals of laughter. It took some of them a while to get over it. Of course, anythng to distract us from our lessons is worth exploring for most high school kiddos. We were all them once, we know.

The most asked question was, "How does your wife feel about it?" They were shocked when I told them that she had shaved it! The comment that will most tickle Monkey: a girl says to me after looking at me for a second or two, "You should have trimmed your eyebrows." I cracked up!

I'm still getting used to it, but, in all honesty, the ease of care for lack of hair is quite liberating. Now, I am not saying I'm going to keep it this way, but that is a plus. I'd post a pic, but Monkey has the camera in Lincoln.

In other news, The Chinese Wok was hopping tonight after b-ball. I got there just before the mad Monday take out rush. Lo Mein for me, as I branch out from the scrumptious Vietnamese menu and sample the Chinese. Not the best Lo Mein I have ever had, but not bad. And steaming hot!

Finally, on a sad note, the mighty Terp men of Maryland fell to Butler's three-point shooting Bulldogs on Saturday. I was ecstatic that they made it to the tournament this year, after two years away, but I think they were a bit over-seeded at number 4. Of course, a higher seed may have given them a tougher match up than ODU in the first round, but that game was hard enough (and harder than it should have been). Should Maryland have beaten Butler? Well, of course I'm going to say yes. Then they would have dispatched Florida, Oregon, and UCLA, for an all-Potomac final against the Hoyas. The end result, another National Championship (and murmurs that the Terps are the dominant college basketball team of the 21st century--eat that Coach K!). But, alas, it was not to be.

The reality of the situation, however: one win in this year's tourney, and a regular season that saw a win over UNC, and a sweep of the dreaded Dookies is enough for me to call the 2006-7 campaign a success. Of course, losing to Miami in the first round of the ACC tourney was a black eye, but, all in all, I'll take this season over the last two, for sure.

Now, the Terp women need to repeat!

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Anonymous said...

I can only imagine Bald-Headed Reda. I'm sure you're as distinguished and intimidating as a bald (headed) eagle. Please post pictures when you can!

Speaking of hair, I haven't had mine cut since December! It is long and flowing, particularly due to the effects of the prenatal vitamins. I shan't mohawk it or shave it though.

And that is all I gots.