Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Snow That Broke The Camel's Back

Little bit of whiskey
in a little cup of tea
just to take the chill out
of poor frozen me
--Bill Morrissey, "Little Bit of Whiskey"

Another snow day here on Ice Planet Hoth, extending our school year one more June day. I went to bed in the rain and woke up in a squall of snow. We got about four inches by the time it let up around noon. And, of course, it's in the teens again and will be for a couple of days. Time off is always good, in most every way, but tacking nearly useless time on to the end of the calendar never has made any sense to me.

In honor of today, and the Winter of 06-07 here in Central Standard, I give you my list of Top Ten Things That Have Annoyed Me This Winter:

10. The Tenacious, Treacherous Puppy Run of Death
9. Seeing the cloud of my own breath while sitting inside my house
8. People who talk on their cell phone while piloting treacherous roads
7. Cinders
6. Having the opportunity to ice skate on frozen ponds and not being able to find my ice skates
5. Cracked, bleeding knuckles
4. Not getting a newspaper when it snows because my delivery man drives a 1983 Colt hatchback
3. Having the only shoveled driveway on my street
2. People who complain about things that have annoyed them this winter
1. Snow days with no monkey

And there you have it. Boring Election, I was going to invite you skating, but, I still haven't tracked down the old hockey skates. Fear not, they must be around here somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, how I do not miss the unique Missouri "treatment" of snow and ice: cinders. What a joke. A messy, messy joke. Reda, I can't do too much but sympathize, though re: item #5 I can heartily suggest lotion technology. That's right, regular application of lotion. You could also conform to the Willow Street standard and not shovel your driveway to help your knuckles, but that one is questionable. How is it that no one else has shoveled?

We've had some icy mix delight, so AU isn't opening until 11.

Speaking of delight, I am submitting my first CentStand post from our brand new Macbook! It is awesome - one of the beneficial outcomes of the flood. Back in the day, I was a Mac person and even did my dissertation on a Mac. However, interface with PCs was nil and really an awful experience when it came time to, say, print out my dissertation or revise it for presentations and publication. I went the direction of PC out of conformity desperation that was really the best option at the time. But now, times and technology have changed: I'm back to Mac. I've even found my favorite old school alert sound, which I happen to be very good at impersonating. Next time I see you, I'll eep for you. It's not annoying at all.

OK, I need to go ascertain whether I will be able to get out of the steep hill of a driveway, which is likely icy. Depending on that, I may not go in to work at all today. I don't know that I have patience for the metro on a day like this.

Happy hearts and cupids and arrows and chocolates and all that loooove stuff day!

Anon AMVB, reunited with the wild eep and it feels so good

Anonymous said...

Glad I'm your #1, but it does suck to have snow days and no monkey :(