Friday, February 16, 2007

Feelings of Encouragement Come to Ice Planet Hoth

Pitchers and catchers, Baby! Pitchers and catchers.

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Anonymous said...

What about the rest of the players in this so-called drama for which many have no appreciation?

And besides, can you play that on ice?

Me, I'm encouraged by this weekend's prospects of replenishing our supply of Uncle Brutha's hot sauce, a local treat. Here's a little bit of a ditty:


Turning up the heat: Uncle Brutha's dares customers to compare

The story about his great granduncle, George "Brutha" Hubbud, discovering mysterious chili peppers while working as a Pullman porter on the Underground Railroad may have been intended as a joke, but Brennan Proctor is serious when it comes to hot sauce.

His Capitol Hill shop, Uncle Brutha's Hot Sauce Emporium at 323 Seventh St. SW, features his very own Uncle Brutha's Fire Sauces No.10 and No. 9. But domination in an arena as competitive as the hot sauce world takes years of dedication, determination and risk taking.

Sitting confidently on a stool beside the store's hot sauce tasting bar, Proctor almost dares customers to sample his competition.

"I'm not threatened by people trying other sauces," explains Proctor. "Uncle Brutha's stands on its own."


That's right. Isht be delish!