Saturday, February 17, 2007

But, Then...

It's snowing again on Ice Planet Hoth. Didn't see that coming.

A three day weekend coming up, thanks to the first and sixteenth president's birthdays. I need the day to catch up on school reading. That's pretty much all I did during the last snow day, but I have fallen behind again already. No worries, I'll catch up.

I have no idea what this weekend holds. I'll let you know how it turns out later. I am leaning toward dinner out and a movie in, but we shall see.

Did you ever have that feeling that there was something you intended to say, but when it came time to say it, you couldn't think of what it was? That's me right now.

Well, if I recall it, I'll post again...I don't think it was too important.


Anonymous said...

It seems that a place affectionately called IPH might be prone to more snow. You may want to reconsider that name. Maybe something like breezy balmy plains?

I have no President's Day holiday, and I am a bit resentful of that. Not only do I have to work on Monday, but I have to be on campus by 6:45 am that day. Ugh.

Supposedly it's gonna soar up into the 50s this week, thereby creating flash flooding conditions from the current ice-rink-on-a-gradient driveway conditions. There have been numerous dramas this week involving cars being stuck in said driveway and antics to attempt to unstick them. Perhaps the old salt-and-sand combo might be useful next time, but as that surely won't be until next winter, we'll won't get to see it because we be out.

And now, I go eat the pancaaks I have been craving.



Anonymous said...

You'd think a short stack of pancaaks and a side of homefries wouldn't leave a sister listless on the couch all afternoon.

Alas, the listless. But the craving = sated.

I figured you were on bated breath about the outcome.

Anon AMVB, she couch surfs with the listlessness