Saturday, December 02, 2006


The snow has moved on (and a lot of it has been moved around), November has moved on (Autumn falls away), and National Novel Writing Month is on the last page. The "Currently Teaching" links have been changed, as we moved this week from The Scarlet Letter to the heady world of the Transcendentalists (they of the Oversoul and the "transparent eyeball").

I like teaching the Trannies, but I am always looking more forward at this time of year to the Realists (they will be visiting after the end of first semester). I certainly hope I don't give Emerson, Thoreau et al. short shrift, but as the days of first semester get shorter, I know I sometimes gloss over or skip some interesting and important texts. Of course, the end result (curriculum-wise) is the same, since we are less concerned with texts than we are with skills, but, it is American Lit, and I think it is a bit of a disservice when I have to jettison "Civil Disobedience" because of a snow day. It just happens sometimes....

The streets are cleared in the neighborhood. Some dude came by with a bobcat at about 9pm last night and cleared our street off. I was under the impression that I was going to help pay for that, but nobody knocked on my door, so.... I might venture out today.


Anonymous said...

Surely no one knocked because of their terror that you would charge them with a baseball bat. You have quite a reputation for catching stealthies who creep up to your door.

Now that I think about it, someone probably came right up to your door and you did not hear them. It has happened before!

I'm wearing a wool cardigan today! Are you?


ATR said...

No cardigan today. I'm all turtle- and crew-necked. (The two necked wonder (three if you count, you know, my actual neck).)

Knockin' 'em out at the do'.

R. Dizzle


(as poor muv?)

Anonymous said...

I happen to know about the threeneck. I was all upatcho do' checkin out the scenario.


Anon AMVB, she stealthy