Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mowing the Lawn is Better Than Nothing

Cashier toothpick stuck in the ground
Tiny lawnmower to mow me down
I could get lost in a lunchbox
Lie low in the mittens in the lost and found.
--Soul Coughing, "Down to This"

A better weekend than last, this time around. For some reason, last weekend was just a wash. I felt like I did nothing (pretty much because I did nothing), the weather was dreary, my allergies were a pain, and I was beat all weekend. This weekend was productive and warm and mostly sunny. Friday night was fun; Saturday was full of errands, lawn mowing, reading, and a trip to a mediocre out of town restaurant; and today was a busy day of birding, cleaning, pizza and appointment TV viewing/fellowship.

Tomorrow begins the last full week of school. Exams start on Friday and finish on the 31st. Memorial Day weekend brings a drive down to a wedding in Conroe, Texas, which means I'll miss the airshow again this year. And after school is out, the Monkey and I are headed to Maine!

I'll try to post pics of the dryer later this week!


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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend and better than the last! Enjoy your last week of school, and best wishes as you prepare to drive to Texas and then to go to Maine!

This weekend I ran and biked. I finally had a chance to bike a far distance and discovered some stunning views along the Potomac north of the city - wow!

This week is staff appreciation week at AU. On Thursday, I'm playing on one of the volleyball teams for the Office of Campus Life. There's a volleyball tourney on the quad all morning. Plus lots of other festivities this week. So much fun, so little time!