Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'd Rather Be...

On the way home from a humid softball game (Deadliners 15, Big D0gs 5), I had a thought. Or a memory. In conjunction with the last "question" of the previous survey/tag ("Four places I would rather be right now"), I was reminded of some words that were written on a piece of art I once saw at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The piece was a four inch tall, six foot by six foot "cube" of polished stainless steel and around the four inch edge were the words: "It is enough to image the place where I am to be somewhere else." I thought that was a fitting possible repsonse to the question. I also like the sentiment of the thought. I liked it then (I saw it at least ten years ago, and it stuck with me), and I like it now.



Anonymous said...

It is a lovely sentiment. It is enough, that. Though it won't get a brotha a *meal* there. It's nice to have that in my mind, but damn I'm grateful when I have it in the moment!


Jill said...

A fan of Warren Zevon, They Might Be Giants, crab cakes and Jaws?! Now, if you tell me you're a decent cook, I'll positively swoon! LOL. Have a great holiday!

desertheart said...

People have been asking me since the day I got off the plane from Vegas... "so what are your plans"... "have you thought about a job"... "what are you going to do now"... And since that day I have been staring at them in disbelief, walking around digging up my dad's lawn to plant gardens and growing vegetables and illegal poppies on my mother's deck, trying to remember the songs that i know could play a month ago on brandon's guitar... struggling to fight the urge to tell them to f***k off... and instead just saying very blatantly... "do you realize what you are asking? I havent even begun to think about anything past waking up in the mornings... It is enough for me just to know that I even exist right now... in this moment."
Unfortunately, I did get a job though... Charlestown Races and SLots... I would much rather just keep planting things... It seems so much more useful... but there were no ads in the employment section under "farmer".
I guess I knew it would happen eventually. I love you dude!