Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinqo de Mayo

The fifth of May is just another date, to me. I mean, I don't get all excited for cinqo de mayo (much to the chagrin of the beer companies). I don't get worked up about St. Patty's Day, either. Or Valentine's Day, for that matter. Do I need a reason to go out and get stupid drunk? No. Do I need a reason to eat Mexican food? Hell, no.

The last time I went out to a Mexican restaurant on the fifith of May, they ran out of guacamole! Unbelievable.

Tonight, in protest, no Mexican food! No Mexican beer! Only cheeseburgers and Stag! Now that is a recipe for a great Friday night.

I just finished reading The Preservationist, by David Maine. A very quick, entertaining, and thoughtful read. A retelling of the Biblical tale of Noah's ark using multiple voices (including even the voice of God, of course). It's a little funny, a little touching, a little allegorical, and a lot well-written. I recommend it. The Preservationist--get ya some!


Magdalene said...

Now that sounds like a book right down my alley.

I'll let you know what I think after I get it.

You, being an English teacher, are probably the person to whet my book-reading appetite and give me some good and interesting suggestions.


Magdalene said...

Here's one tht I read some time ago and found entertaining...

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal

by Christopher Moore

Anonymous said...

Happy Seis de Mayo! Every day is a great day to celebrate life and food and loved ones and shoes and books and movies and travel and food and shoes....

P and I went to a good New Mexican restaurant right here near us: Santa Fe Cafe. The margaritas were yummy, and chips and salsa were right on, and the plate of refried beans, rice, and rolled up tortillas filled with cheese and beans and sauce was good to go! Do we need an excuse to go to SFC or other Mexican food? No way. But it can't hurt.

OK, going down to the Mall to go for a run and then out and about stinky style around town. Have a great weekend!