Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's The Time Of The Season

Our recent trip to visit the Ambassadors took us to several rural-type spots, as well as the more metropolitan haunts of the Twin Cities. One particular spot, Aamodt's Apple Farm, in Stillwater, was a festival of apples of many kinds. We couldn't help but bring back sacks full of Honeycrisp and (Monkey's new favorite) Keepsake apples, and we also loaded up with new candidates for pie-making, the Haralson.

This evening, Monkey and I sampled a fresh Haralson pie. It was awesome. I usually mix two apples together in my pies, one sweet and one tart. Haralson's are mostly tart, but this single apple pie is a winner.

We have enough apples for at least one more pie, which I may make next week. I might try a sweeter crust recipe. You know me...always experimenting.

Stay tuned for the results.
(Apple photo courtesy of Ms. Huntington's Webpage.)

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La Fashionista said...

I do recall your usual two-apple pie slam. ($3) I can only imagine the deliciousnessitude of this new version! If you do happen to make one next week, I happen to know of a particular superstar Monkey who surely would have room for a slice or three in her carry-on. You know, just about the size a bag of Utzes - or even a batch of cookies - would take up on the return trip. :)

Miss you! (And your pie, ahem.)