Sunday, October 11, 2009

Free Breakfast!

Monkey and I are off to local restaurant, Venue, to sample their new breakfast menu...for free. Our reservations are for 10:30, so I gotta go. I'll give you a review later, perhaps.

Hooray for free breakfast!


La Fashionista said...

Free? For real?! How was it? What did you have?

Did I ever tell you that I had to refuse FREE LOCAL BEER on our flight from Portland, OR, to Seattle because we thought I may have been pregnant? Fortunately, I was because otherwise how can you turn down free local beer on a plane???

I hope it was good.


ATR said...

Free breakfast is for real. This restaurant is going to start serving breakfast on weekends, and they wanted some feedback before they "went live." Monkey is on their email list, so she got an email telling us to come have a free breakfast.
I had the eggs benedict. It was good. We'll probably go back and pay for a breakfast some time.