Thursday, February 05, 2009

Steelers = Oprah?

Oprah Winfrey is famous for a lot of things. One thing is that she is always (any exceptions?) on the cover of her own magazine, rightly called O.

Sports Illustrated, by the same Oprahian logic, might want to change its name to PS. For the fourth time since December 22, the Steelers are on the cover of the magazine. Sure, they won the Super Bowl (don't expect me to like it), but, how much publicity can one organization expect? I know that the media loves them some Steeler defense. Troy Polamalu is everybody's long-haired boo. And they dig on Ben Rothlisberger, one of those "he just doesn't seem that good until he beats you with ANOTHER last minute drive!!!!!" kind of quarterbacks. But, they've been cover fodder enough, and, besides, some other important things happened this past week, too, in the realm of sport. In tennis alone, two big things occurred.

First, Serena Williams won her tenth Grand Slam title. That's a big deal. Big enough to fit on the cover of a prominent sports magazine? Um, no.

As well, Rafael Nadal took the Australian Open men's title from Roger Federer in another five set slugfest that many are calling a passing of the torch from the great Swiss to the amazing Spaniard. Even if it's less significant than that, it was still a match worthy of coverdom. But, alas.

Instead, we get the Steelers. Again. Ugh. I think my bias is showing.


La Fashionista said...

Yes, your bias is sticking out a bit ($3?), and that's OK. It is your blog, after all. And I believe that having opinions is a good thing! That's my opinion at least. :)

Nice use of "Oprahian" BTW.

Go, Serena! Powerful and fashionista = we like and admire. It's too bad that tennis and other sports don't get the coverage that football, basketball, and to some extent baseball, get.

Have a good weekend! You doing anything fun?


comoprozac said...

I'm just happy that two of those four covers were occupied by former Ohioans, one them a Buckeye.

ATR said...

Oh, the Ohio love! Jeez, why don't ya get a tatoo?

La Fashionista said...

Surpie for you?


Hey, my captcha = a real word! comin


La Fashionista said...

I made this for you:

CentStand word cloud

OK, *technically* Wordle made it. But still.

= for you.

Happy Valentine's Day, a little early!


ATR said...

Thanks for the cloud!