Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Long Can A Sandwich Last?

So, yesterday, probably just before the time I was metaphysicalatin' on some others' words, the Monkey House Nebraska was suffering its second major appliance breakdown. As the old song goes, "The hot water heater, she ain't heating no water no more."

Good fortune smiled on the Monkeys, however, since the demise of the hot water heater did not lead to a full-fledged release by said hot water heater. You see, often, when a hot water heater (I'm beginning to see this common name as a redundancy--why would you need to heat hot water? It would be like having a hot toast toaster, right?) gives up the ghost, it often leaks all 30-50 gal. of water (depending on the size) out onto your basement floor. It's not good. This one didn't do that. Sure, there was water on the floor, but it was slow leaking, rather than flushing all about.

At any rate, I spent the rest of last night messing with it: looking at it, draining it, shutting of the water and gas lines (not in that order, by the way), inspecting it for rust and such. We decided to have a plumber come replace it in the morning, which he did. But not before I had to go to work without any hot water (i.e., no shower). And, tonight was parent-teacher conferences for third term.

So, I looked and felt my best while facing down hordes of mostly pleasant parents. Oh, but wait, I am getting ahead of myself. See, I was distracted most of today. Mostly by the specter of P-T conferences, but also by the lack of a shower this morning. I felt like I touched my hair a lot, today. It didn't feel good.

At lunch, I was so distracted that I didn't finish my sandwich. I wrapped it back up and put it in my desk. Where, distracted by the glorious end of P-T conferences, I left it when I exited the building less than an hour ago. So, what I really need to know is will said sandwich (ham and cheese on whole wheat with mayo) be okay to eat tomorrow after sitting in my desk for all of today and half of tomorrow? My future health may depend on prompt responses.


La Fashionista said...

Wow. All kinds of isht happening. For the sake of a quick response of the life-saving variety, I say that sandwich = no good. And I hate to throw out food. But ham, mayo sans refrigeray, that is risky. Now, I have a very strong stomach, don't like to throw out food, and sometimes think I can enhance the strength of my immune system by taking such risks. If it were me, I'd consider the temperature of the room since you first left it out, calculate how long it has been sitting out, smell it...and probably throw it away.

Besides that, my captcha word is ominous: mayorot. (jk)

Do keep us posted on all the drama, Reda.


La Fashionista said...

Well? Are you still alive? Sandwich update? Health update?

I like the term I coined - mayorot.