Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On This Day in History

Last year, on this date, I had reached the 20K word mark on my novel, The Fingers of Time (formerly The Trials of Vernon). Today, I am just under 10K for this year's attempt, If This Were A Movie. I am despairing, but I am not giving up. I was not the most productive writer this weekend past, but a friend of Monkey's was in town from Minnesota. I didn't write much at all. I have knocked out about 4000 words between today and yesterday, but I will really have to get cooking this weekend if I have any hope of finishing this puppy.

Just thought you might want to know what has been occupying my time (or, at least, my thoughts, since I am not actually DOING anything) lately.

I'll try to be better next time.


La Fashionista said...

May the fabled NaNoWriMo zephyr be always at your back and carry you onward.



Ethan said...

That's the same one you were working on last year? You doing a class story this year too?

La Fashionista said...

Hey, Reda! Meet my friend who is kind of like you, but more hyper:

Mr. Axelson

I have to admit that it's pretty cool to be connected with one of the biggest hipster musicians in DC. I got to hear The Plan this past summer, and they were fab.


ATR said...


It's not the same one. I've revised it quite a bit since last year.

No class novel this year...y'all were special.

La Fashionista--

I only THINK I'm a rock star. And, really, I can't imagine anyone more hyper than I.

(that's right, I said it.)

comoprozac said...

I didn't even start, so you're doing better than me. There is no way I could give up the time necessary to to complete a novel. Good luck in the next week.