Friday, November 09, 2007

My Good Fortune and Borrowings

Today I find myself with a day off. Our school is hosting the state volleyball tournament (how am I supposed to say that, Osculator?), giving all of the teachers and students a three day weekend. Hoorah!

I plan on spending it cleaning the house, catching up on the "novel" (I know the Dingo doesn't believe it possible, but I do...), which I am far behind on, and, of course, because there really are no true days off for a teacher, planning and grading.

School has been an up and down proposition these past few weeks. I am still having a hell of a time with my "younger" students, but I was evealuated on Wednesday, and I think it went well. I have a follow-up on Tuesday, and we will get our feedback then, but I am positive. So, as Carl says, I got that going for me.

Other than that, I have little to report.

In response to a comment from a reader (hello, Ethan!), I would suspect that western societies are not more prone to psychological disorders. Studies may show a higher occurence of them, but that reason may have something to do with taboos in other societies against reporting or seeking help for psychological conditions. Keep in mind, I am not even an citizen-expert on this subject, but, if I remember, I will consult with Monkey (who is a professional expert) and get back to you.

As, Hodg-man likes to say in his closing: that is all.


La Fashionista said...

That is a sweet benefit resulting from the chil'ns talents and achievements.

I too had the day off. I spent much of it in DE. I thought of you when I got "sweetie"d (in the same manner of the "hon") at the Harbor toll booth. I also thought of you in my occasional encounters with those (truly) from Jersey.

Lots of driving. Tired. I sleep now.



Ethan said...

Thank you Mr.Reda, if you'd be so kind as to ask her for me. The only reason I was wondering is our Psych book listed japan as having one of the lowest amounts of cases, but you could see it decrease from Western Countries to Eastern Countries.

Eamon (if you remember him) believes it may have something to do with the diet, as Western Countries tend to be less healthy, eating habit wise. (or that's the stero-type)

It would seem to me that civilized nations, if you can call what is going on in the world currently civilized, would all have the same likely-hood of reporting psychological diseases. but that might be me just oversimplifying things.

good luck on your novel, I'd like to read some of it when you get further along.

Hope you enjoyed your day off.
Good night Mr.Reda

comoprozac said...

I too have fallen in the novel-writing department...although the entire thing is still alive in my mind. I've been too busy to blog much less write a friggin' book.

You gotta love that schools will close for sporting events.