Monday, November 19, 2007

Doing the Unthinkable

Back in the day, before I lived in Stinkin' Lincoln, before I lived in CoMo, before I lived in HoCo, before I got married, I lived with a friend of mine in a little house in Hamilton, a neighborhood in the northeast section of Baltimore. She owned the house, and I had moved in with her from a second floor apartment in a house not two blocks down the street. It was so close that the move took forever, since I never rented a truck or anything. I borrowed this old Ford Econoline van from my dad, that smelled like chicken blood and Big Gulps. We used to use it to make short trip deliveries for the wholesale biz, but anyway....

This little house had a few trees around it. In the fall, the leaves fell, as they are wont to do.

For most of my life up to that point (about 26 years), I had raked nary a leaf. I never saw the point in it (nor did I ever have the necessity to do it). I always figured that, well, that was where the leaves were supposed to be, right. Mama Nature didn't drop all those leaves just to give us all something to do, did she?

But, this particular year, for whatever reason (I think I was compelled by my housemate/landlord), I went out and raked leaves. And damn if she didn't take a picture of it. Lucky for us all, I do not have a copy handy, and, if I did, it would be in an old-fashioned format, one you could put in an album, with pages; one that you'd have to say, "Careful, don't get fingerprints on it." Remember those kind of pictures?

I bring this up (the raking, not the photo albums), because I spent a good deal of Saturday raking leaves, trimming bushes, and generally preparing for winter. On Sunday, I wrapped the water heater and weather stripped the doors. That, I don't mind. The leaves, however, are something I need to reconcile myself with.

There were so many, and the backyard is already patchy and thatchy enough. I had to do it. I had no choice. Still, a part of me wishes...well, I just hope I don't get all lawn obsessive like the rest of the block and start watering my lawn in the summer. Now that...that's just plain stupid.


Ethan said...

oh lord, don't do it Reda. Raking leaves might be the most pointless preoccupation (is that the right word for this situation O_o) ever devised by home owners. It all ends up on the ground, and eventually in the ground, in the end does it not? Why bother.

La Fashionista said...

Perhaps your leaf-raking angst is actually a reflection of the collective unconscious:

Sympathy with the masses

Or understandable trepidation about the obvious association naturally drawn between you and

Damn. What is that brotha wearin?

And of course, this is just plain risky

Raking leaves hazard

so you should never engage in such high-risk behavior again!

Get back on that couch, grab a beer, and watch some sports if you know what ails you!


comoprozac said...

It's OK to rake the leaves. If we don't rake the leaves, our house become infested with spiders. We now use this and dump them in the woods behind the house. Good luck.

BTW-You know that field goal was good. Go Browns!

monkey said...

They're still watering the lawns here. Still. In November.


La Fashionista said...

Nebraska: Land of Lincoln and Lawns.



scott said...

Two words: Mulch Mower.

I must say I prefer a rake to those stupid blowers.