Sunday, June 17, 2007

One of Those Days

Have you ever in your life experienced a day
where nothing at all seems to go your way?
No matter how hard you try to get out of the rut
you just could not break the string of bad luck?
A day where Murphy's law takes over your life,
and you just can't seem to do a darn thing right.
And when the day was over you just had to say,
you said, "Man, it's just one of those days."
--Will Smith, "One of Those Days"

Yesterday started out pretty beningnly. Coffee and newspaper (Saturday style), some going through of drawers and closets to prepare for the move, cleaning the top of the refrigerator, etc. Around the middle of the day, Monkey suggested we go to Sears to do some research/buy a stove for Monkey House Nebraska. We stopped off at a music store to buy a case for my guitar, had lunch, and proceeded to that architectural celebration of commerce, the mall. We purchased a stove. A good one. We ran into a friend at the Sears. Everything was going swimmingly, don't you think?

Well, we get to the car, and it won't start. No attempt at all from the motor to get the engine started, no time on the clock radio, nothing. We call AAA, and they arrive pretty promptly. The tow driver gives us a jump, and the car starts. I ask, "What are the odds of the car stalling on the way home?" He says, "It shouldn't."

About a quarter of a mile later, still on the mall parking lot, but now blocking an exit, the car stalls. We call AAA again, since the tow truck is nowhere in sight, and I am treated to: "All operators are busy right now, please hold." I thought that was rather odd, for an emergency service to put one on hold. Lucky for us, however, just as an operator came on the line, Monkey spotted the tow driver and flagged him down.

We were towed to a local repair shop, where we hope they will be able to repair the vehicle before Wednesday. Suh-Weet and Queen came to pick us up and drive us home, so, a big shout out to them.

We still needed to get to the Hyve, to purchase stuff for a birthday party we were going to (I didn't tell you about that). So, we proceeded to the Hyve, letting the Penguin work out all the bugs from ten days of inactivity. Then, leaving the grocery, a woman and I backed into each other in the parking lot. It was not very serious at all; however, considering that we had just left a dead vehicle at a repair shop, I felt like I was in a short film about bad car days. In an absurd kind of way, it was funny, but, at the time, I was not seeing it in such a way.

So, we exchanged info with the woman, went home, made some burgers and were off to the party, but, needless to say, I just wasn't into it. We were back home by 11:30, I was asleep by 11:45.

Today, we drive to St. Louis to pick up a sofa. Stand by for THAT story. I hope it's not a very exciting one.


Anonymous said...

Hey. You wanna know why this happened to you? Huh? Yeah. That's right, its because you're a bad person and graded a intepretative finals assignment like a real project that matters. That's why.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I'm very sorry to hear about all the car troubles. These things never happen at a good time, but it's especially worrysome right before a move. I hope your travels to/from St. Louis were safe and smooth and that all is well with both cars!