Friday, June 15, 2007

From Homeless to Homeless to Homeless

It may be long to get me there
It feels like I've been everywhere
But someday I'll be coming home
Round and round the world will spin
Oh, the circle never ends
So you know that I'll be coming home
--John Legend, "Coming Home"

The Monkey and I jetted off to B-more Friday after school was out. La Fashionista was getting hitched, and we were cordially invited. Had a great time at the wedding, which was held in the southernmost part of New Jersey. A place called Delaware. A great day for a wedding it was. Not too hot. A little breeze. Blue skies. The ceremony was lovely. And we had front row seats. All the best to the newlyweds!

We spent the remainder of the weekend seeing family and friends. My mom and my brother and his went up to Philly for the week, so we only got to see them on Sunday morning. We spent the rest of the week with Monkey's brother in their palatial estate in what used to be horse country. Had some crabs, various other seafood, met a new dog, met some new (and very small) humans, scored awesome seats to an Orioles game, had a great time even though the home team lost in extra frames (to the lowly Nats!). Then, we were up before the sun on Thursday morning to catch a 6:50 flight back to Central Standard.

Today, it is T-minus five days to the liftoff of Operation Monkey House Nebraska. We are slowly going through stuff, deciding what should move to Nebraska and what should move to the landfill. Having packers and movers will make this a great deal easier than any other move we have attempted, but it is still kind of hard...and dusty.

The weird thing about all this, it seems odd to me, anyway, is that I have been thinking a good amount about the idea of home. We were in Baltimore, and we kept saying we were "going home" before we left Central Standard. After all, that's were we lived all of our formative years, and then some. That notwithstanding, however, Mob Town isn't anything like home, anymore, in many ways, since we haven't lived there in eight years, and don't plan to live there any time soon. So, while we were there, we kept talking about when we were "going home," referring to Central Standard. Now, we don't really feel like this is home, either, because we are moving in less than a week to a new home. Which, by nature of the fact that we don't live there yet, isn't really home. So, I guess, Monkey and I are like Clarence "Frogman" Henry: "Ain't got no home."

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Anonymous said...

Yo, welcome home(less)!
May your nomadic journey
end soon: Your new home!

Why is it that you
native Southerners don't know
states' geography?!

Everyone knows that
Delaware is southernmost