Thursday, June 28, 2007

Idly(?) Threatened

Okay. Okay. Yes, we were linked up to the "internets" on Tuesday of this week, yet I have not posted. Not for lack of material, my friends. Oh, no. But, you know, we had a number of boxes to unpack, and we had to visit Target and Lowe's, like, every day. We had to go to the Nebraska DMV, only to find out we didn't have enough money (and no checks) to pay the property taxes up front on both of the vehicles (so we had to go back today). And we had to saw off the screws holding the MO license onto the Civic. And the queen-sized box springs didn't fit up our tiny, twisty staircase, so we had to go buy split queen box springs (which will be delivered Saturday). And we had to break down about five hundred boxes, and dispose of a half ton of newsprint that the movers wrapped everything in.

It's been a busy time.

I have also been enjoying tending to the yard which had not been tended since about April. Sure, the lawn had been mowed, but all those little beds with the pretty flowers that we thought were so lovely when we saw the house in March? They are an overgrown mess.

I did find three random tomato plants growing in various border areas of the yard, which I dug up and replanted in a little patch that I had previously laid waste to. Now, I have no knowledge of plants at all, so I just considered everything a weed and played "human napalm" (without the stickiness and the flames.... Come to think of it, it wasn't anything at all like napalm; that analogy sucked. Sorry.). Except for these three green things that didn't look like weeds, but I'll be damned if I know what they are. So, I left them. And, I went to the library and checked out a mess of books on gardening and plants. I could have checked out one hundred and fifty books if I wanted. I swear to Christ, the public library here limits checked out items (non-audio-visual) to 150. I mean, why even put a freaking limit on it, if you're going to let people check out half a small branch library at a time?

Anyway, as you may have guessed, I also got a library card (Monkey already had hers). So, we are totally set. And we are finding some local places that may make it a good deal easier to live here. Two places are big on pie, which is good; and we found a pizza joint with about 400 beers in stock, so God bless them. We are slowly settling in; however, at this moment, the only thing we have hung on the walls is the calendar in the kitchen. And, we have about twelve boxes of books yet to unpack, due to the fact that we jettisoned three rickety bookcases before we moved and have not replaced them (plus all of our CDs are still packed for the same reason--no place to put them). And the garage is full of two queen sized box springs, a washer, and a dryer. All for sale. Buyer assumes all costs for shipping and handling. Interested? You know how to find me. Other than that, there's no place like home. This place truly is wonderful, and I invite you all to come up for a visit (except you strange anonymous people...okay, I'm sorry, you're not strange, just anonymous).

I hope to communicate with you all real soon. And I promise, some time before the end of the summer, I'll put some damn pictures up on this piece!


Anonymous said...

How exciting, all your adventures in your new home and your new hometown!

Wow, 500 boxes eh? I know you're not one for hyperbole, Reda, so those packers must have packed boxes inside of boxes for extra cushion.

Speaking of people who aren't into hyperbole, in last night's birthing class we learned how an epidural killed a woman's husband! I have discovered that I get reactionary to fools who utilize fear tactics a la the current administration.

Speaking of reactionary, I'd like to see you check out 150 books from the library. That should show 'em!

I'm not too anonymous or too strange to come visit you. I'd love to come visit you! Alas, it will be a while as I'll be tending to the young'un. You tend to your garden in the meantime.

Yay, CentStand is back!


comoprozac said...

I've been busy with stuff...

Welcome to home ownership. All we did the first month was go to Lowe's and Target. Sounds like you have a handle on the gardening thing. Once we figured out that we needed to just pull everything, we were much, much happier.

We're looking forward to visiting, trying some of those 400 beers, and checking out a Huskers game (or at least I am into the game).

We too just bought a house. There will be plenty of room for T/F!