Saturday, October 21, 2006

Don't Rain on My Parade (With a Special Appearance by Robyn Hitchcock)

It's Homecoming Weekend here in the Land of the Tigers. The forecast calls for rain later, but the current parade is going off without a drop of interference. I'm not there, but I can hear it from here. Sounds drummy.

I'll be taking in the game later today, hoping to stay dry and to watch Los Tigres end a 14 year losing streak to the Kansas State Wildcats. The odds are pretty good, considering we have a better team this year than they do; however, over the course of the last 14 years, we have had a better team than they at least three times, and we still lost. So, you know, that's why they play the games, and all those other sports cliches.

My classes are currently waist deep in Romanticism, and this week will be treated to EA Poe's "Ligeia." If you've never read it, I suggest it. I'll try to link to it over under the Currently Teaching links. Anyhoo, I thought a good supplemental/introductory text would be Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians' tune "My Wife and My Dead Wife." I looked online for a copy of the song, but the best I could do was to find a copy of an out of print re-issue for 45 bucks. I asked my musical guru at school, the Rev. Wayne Coomers, but he didn't have it (he did offer to find a downloadable copy and to burn it--I wish him luck). After discussing with the Rev, I went to see Capt. Morgan and Coach B--they might have been helpful. They had nothing. But, it got them and me to reminiscing about Mr. Hitchcock. The boys had seen him open for REM (a moment of silence) in 89. I had seen the same tour, but with Throwing Muses, instead. We lamented the loss of both REM and Robyn Hitchcock (and the Muses, a little bit), realizing we had heard nothing from Hitchcock for quite some time. What if, we posited, he had been dead for 15 years and no one had noticed. For some reason, we found this morbidly hilarious.

O, the wonderful ways in which we entertain ourselves.

The Monkey is in Missoula, hoping to see a bear. I am hoping exactly the opposite. As you probably suspect, Monkey v. Bear=Bear Wins!


Anonymous said...

Greetings from glorious, sunny California! There will be no rain on your parade here. I've been running in the mornings, and it has been beautiful. Also amusing to see people in coats and hats as I'm geared up in my usual spring/fall weather running tee and shorts. Tropical fish here in Cali, you know.

I see there has also been fine fine sports weather for you this weekend! Mizzou, Cards (I even saw some of the game and had a fine appreciation of drama), Terps, and even DC United if you roll that way.

I wish I could appreciate the Robyn Hitchcock ref, but alas being a good ten years your junior I am too young! I also didn't grow up on that kind of music as you probably know.

Monkey and Bear come upon the same cool pair of shoes. Monkey wins!

Monkey and Bear are in the running for most stylish. Monkey wins!

Monkey and Bear wonder who is more curious. Monkey wins!

Who's the big winner? Monkey's the big winner. (Couldn't resist.)

My money is always on Monkey.



Anonymous said...

I'm the big winner!!!
You funny, AMVB!!!