Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Ballad of the Gutted Calendar

I was doing some planning this morning, deciding how much of The Scarlet Letter should be read by when, when I realized that November is so close that if you stand still for a second, you can smell cranberries and sauerkraut. No wonder I haven't seen a turkey for two weeks. Always trust the animal world. They know a thing or two.

I know that this happens every damn year. You're paddling around in a canoe with a pair of shorts on one minute, you look down at the sun shining on your bare, brown toes and--just like that--you're freezing your personal parts off in the middle of the wettest, grayest day the Lord has ever cast down upon you (since last October, anyway). Yet, each time it happens, we are taken completely by surprise. Such forgetful creatures, we humans. At least I am, anyway.

Monkey brought pictures back from Montana. I'll post a few if I have the patience. Sometimes this Blogger thing is about as frustrating as a whistle pig under your house. (It's still there as far as can be discerned.)

This weekend, Monkey and I will be watching Ripken and Ms. London Belle and Grandma Sophie (Uncle Joe's 'rents' dog). A three dog night on Saturday, whether we like it or not. Craziness, people, plumb craziness.

In baseball news, the story of the day is "will they or won't they?" They didn't last night, and the odds are not great that they will tonight. I, and millions others, hope they do. Go, Cards!

I believe that is all.

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Anonymous said...

Sauerkraut? I was thinking stuffing. Mmm, stuffing....

Nice pics. Way to push through the blogger administrative bullshit. Also, as you astutely noted I didn't see a turkey anywhere in either of those pics.

Yay, Cards!

You've mentioned many things of the season except for Halloween. What are you doing? Last night we saw a woman on the metro who we swore was a man. Looked like a Raggedy Ann ho. Well, when she spoke and told someone she was a Little Orphan Annie ho, we realized that she actually was a women. Yep, a woman who looked like a man but was actually a woman. Bizarre.

I'm hoping to make it to Halloween Stammtisch after work on Tuesday. I'm excited to have another occasion to wear my wig, mini skirt, and black boots, though I'm not sure exactly what my costume will be.

Tonight maybe there will be Octoberfest and Donnie Darko!