Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Puttin' the Squeeze On

I guess I didn't tell you this, but in a bit of what I see as passive aggressive behavior, Fearless Leader has shortened our lunch period by five minutes in order to afford an extra five minutes to third hour for school-wide announcements. Now, announcements, especially in a school as large as mine, are muy importante, but now, we have twenty-five minutes for lunch.

As a result, I didn't have enough time to get my nuggets today. This perturbs me. Luckily, I had forgotten about it this morning and I had a cheese sandwich with me. I worked through lunch anyway, so I guess I needed the time I would have spent in line waiting for my food to do more important things. But twenty-five minutes? It seems wrong to me.

In other news, I am toying with the idea of playing softball tomorrow night. The finger is not 100%, but it is much improved after two weeks. I almost went to school with no splint today, but decided against it. We shall see.

I hope everyone's week has started well. I am a bit piqued today, but not a bad day overall. The nuggetlessness notwithstanding.


Anonymous said...

His name is Bagg, for real? So many snide comments, so not appropriate as it's not my blog...

I feel for you in your nuggetlessness and especially in having a measly *25 minutes* for lunch. Wow, that's almost insulting - and certainly not healthy.

Technically we do not have lunch time here but rather are expected to work through. It actually works out well, though, because people take some time getting their food before noon meetings.

This weekend we were without power for 40 hours and proceeded to cook almost everything in the frig and freezer to avoid having to throw it all away. We were successful with the exception of a jar of mayo, three quarts of yogurt, and two bottles of cream-based salad dressings. Dude, you would have had a cow :) at the risks we took with other dairy. Trust me, you really don't have to speed coming back from the Hyve - especially if you ultimately cook/bake the dairy. Also, this experience demonstrated another advantage to vegetarianism, as the food doesn't spoil as quickly.

A group of friends is meeting regularly to enjoy fine Belgian beers ! in neato places around DC, and I am becoming a little conniseuse. = fun!



ATR said...

Bagg is a pseudonym. First initial D. Snide comments are what it's all about!

bowgavva (the sound of a Hindu dog?)

Anonymous said...

First name Gas was what I was thinking. Maybe it's a fitting middle name.


Jill said...

The name should be Jag, for not letting you have a full lunch.

Just my two centavos, mind you. ;)