Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Big Eight

Monkey and I celebrated wedding anniversary number eight this past Tuesday. We are planning a weekend in KC to celebrate. Dinner and a show on Saturday. An overnight at a swanky hotel. A visit to the Nelson-Atkins Museum on Sunday. We are both looking forward to it. Aunt JAmes and Uncle Joe will be entertaining Ripken this weekend, so, thanks to them!

Chicken Nugget Day was a success, but only barely. I think I was wiping gravy off of my face just as my kiddos were rolling in for fifth hour. And, honestly, the "other" vegetable was pretty heinous. Some unshelled peas that were amazingly both tough and mushy at the same time. Not good. Is our enthusiasm for Chicken Nugget Day waning? Hell, no! We simply look forward to better days in the annals of processed chicken. But then, don't we all.

Grading I should be doing, so grading will soon be done. I am certainly tired of watching West Virginia massacre my Terps. 37-10 at halftime? My Powder Puff team might be able to give these Terps a run!

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Anonymous said...

Happy eighth anniversary! I hope you have a great time with the swank celebration.