Thursday, July 13, 2006

At Rest

That's it, folks. I just washed the Penguin. No more traveling. Until September. But, for the summer, I am happily homebound, after being homeward bound just yesterday. The new car, purchased in February, has 9000 miles on it. Almost 5000 of those since Memorial Day Weekend. Baltimore last week(1970 round trip), Lincoln before that (700 round trip), Maine (airport drives (250 round trip)), Conroe, TX (1600 round trip).

Spent some time with my family this past week. I was unable to post obviously, but I survived the trip and I am back. Highlights included fishing with my dad (once legally at Loch Raven, once illegally at Dundee Creek (I told him that was tidal water, but he didn't believe me--oops!), seeing imported Costa Rican butterflies with my nephews, breakfasting with my cousin and with Jersey Girl (separate breakfasts), and shopping for Utz potato chips, scrapple, and Berger cookies at Giant and Mars to satisfy Monkey and my craving for things from Back East (I told her, "I had to go all the way to Mars for these freaking cookies!").

I will skip the descriptions and just throw some pics at you. All in all, it's good to be back home (and staying put for awhile).

View from the I-68E Maryland Welcome Center (Youghiogheny (Yok-i-gay-nee) River)

The Author and a breakfast companion (note the fashionista T-shirt) The author and the coolest 86 year old in the world
The nephews with the mother and grandmother (pointing at a turtle)
The author with his favorite two and a half year old
The author's favorite 15-month old

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Reda! Back to MO, that is.

I also welcomed you back (to the east side) last weekend! It was great to see you and totally worth the schlep up and down the I-95 corridor. Thanks for breakfast, time with you and your family, and including that pic of us among all those good ones from your visit.

Speaking of other things on that fine fine day I saw you, the World Cup was exciting and wonderful to watch. Forza Italia!!!

Way to share that you've already washed your penguin. $3!

Now with greater appreciation for the reasons for your strong and sometimes rigid rule-abiding stringency,