Monday, July 31, 2006

All Work and No Play...

It's that time of year. It's time to start getting ready for the kiddos to arrive. It's time to plan units, build lessons, swipe white board markers, dust off the khakis, hang some edumacational posters, and get ready for school. Tomorrow will bring August, and that means classes start in less than three weeks.

Of course, our beginning of the year activities begin the week before that, so I'll be up to my neck in "bureaucratic bullshit" in no time.

For the time being, Partner Teacher and I are whipping up some introductory activities, and I'm choosing texts and making vocabulary lists ("fervent," baby). But, slowly. No need to plan the whole year this far out. A brother needs to take his time. After all, I'm still on vacation, technically.

Until the middle of August, I'm still balancing a little work with a lot of play.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, summer is about over here at the CC. August, September, and October are the most demanding months in my position, so things are getting getting getting kind of hectic. This week is supposed to be the calm planning week before the storm, slated to begin in a week from today when our new interns begin. Bring on the rollercoaster!

The official training regimen for the Army 10-Miler also began this week. Running before work on two mornings per week during this same August-September-October span will be interesting. All cylinders are firing!

Speaking of all cylinders working, last night I had dinner with P and his client, who is an endowed chair at Penn (= very smart) and also quite down to earth. It was simultaneously fascinating, mind-blowing, and humbling to talk with someone so brilliant. I did my best to understand his curiousities about computer engineering and mathematics, and I had that old familiar feeling from undergrad that, in the moment, I grasped some parts intuitively and then afterwards I had difficulty expressing what exactly we had talked about.

Loving the learning, the playing, and the rollercoaster start of the academic year,