Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Gold Standard

There are times in our lives when we work as hard as we possibly can, and, in the end, we wind up with nothing to show for it. There are times in our lives when all the work we do pays off. This Friday, at approximately 2:48 PM Central Standard, the latter occured for Coach B and me. The Gold Team convincingly beat the Purple Team, 20-6, in the 2005 Homecoming PowderPuff Football game. It was a hard-fought victory to be sure. We had some physical play (one of our girls wound up with a bit of a bloody lip), and we were accused of "playing rough" and cheating, but that seems to me like sour grapes. After all, it's football, for one, how can you not knock a few people down? Secondly, I didn't see any of their players bleeding. Lastly, there where three referees on the field, and they didn't call any penalties. So, we are either very stealthy in our ability to play dirty, or somebody can't handle being the first Purple team in eight years to lose.
To see the girls so amazingly happy after the game made every second of practice worthwhile. I was very impressed with the way they played. They were tough, athletic, dedicated, and they had fun. After presiding over an embarrassing 38-0 defeat last year, I felt terrible. The feeling this year, as you can imagine, was exactly the opposite.
In addition, the actual football team won their homecoming game 47-8, and the dance was a big success. I worked the late shift of the dance, and after a long exciting day, I was a wreck by midnight. Monkey and I were supposed to hike today, but when I got home at 12:30, I woke her up and postponed the hike until Sunday. Of course, I am supervising the Amnesty concert tonight, so I may be just as tired tonight. Regardless, I won't be postponing.
Mizzou is currently playing THEIR homecoming game this afternoon. It is a homecoming extravaganza weekend here in C-town. Both high schools and the U are celebrating at the same time. Everybody is coming home! Unfortunately, Monkey and I missed the parade this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Reda, I have only a brief moment to comment, which is more of a cheer: You go! Conrats on the hard-earned win and wow what an action-packed weekend!