Thursday, July 09, 2009


I've little to say except to divest myself of two bits that struck me as funny/curious yesterday.

First, while out running a few errands, I found myself at a light behind a Chrysler 300. A nice car, I guess. It looks luxury model-y. The curious thing, to me, was that the car had a license plate border that read "BMW of Lincoln." Really? That doesn't jibe, does it? I mean, if you are going to sport a "BMW of Lincoln" border on your plates, shouldn't you be driving something other than a Chrysler? You know, like, what, a BMW or something? I decided to take a cue from the dude in this vehicle and went right out and put a "Lamborghini of Ceresco" border on my Honda!

In the same span of ten minutes, I was listening to the sports radio talk shows. The comedian/actor/whatever Jay Mohr was sitting in for professional grumbler Jim Rome. In one of his rambly bits, Mohr was discussing the late M Jackson's memorial service. He pondered (I paraphrase): "Why did the casket look like a chafing dish?" I found this amusing and somewhat true. Did you see this monstrosity of gold and general opulence? Honestly, Jacko's casket outdid the sepulchre of many a Renaissance pope. And those dude's knew how to spend some church money on ornament. A chafing dish! And, a very expensive, ornate, gaudy chafing dish, at that. You are NOT going to keep a trough of instant potatoes warm in that chafing dish, let me tell you.


La Fashionista said...

First the Godfather of Soul and now the King of Pop with that casket. These are the cultural icons of the now, kind of (loosely?) like the RenPopes were of status back in the day. They are more like duck leg confit than instant potatoes. But still cold. That's right: cold.

Re license plate boarders: No. Why would anyone advertise for a car dealership? Taaaacky.

Thanks for the tacky tidbits today, T!


Boring Election said...

Maybe it's more of a, the Chrysler 300 is "the BMW of Lincoln." Or not...but the thought made me laugh.

As for MJ, I heard the logistics for that memorial cost the city of LA close to $2 million...a city already steeping in debt. And yes...the casket was gaudy. And I expected at least on "jumper" in that crew.