Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Household Chores

A brief respite before we are back on the travelling caravan that is Summer 2009. Heading to CoMo for a wedding this weekend, then it's off to Eugene for ten days with Monkey (who is already there), before driving back and stopping in Colorado (Rocky Mountain National Park) for a week with the Ambassadors.

But, before that, it's painting time. It seems that if it's summer around here, I must be painting something. This year, we're painting Monkey's office. We had some of the living room paint left over from when we moved in, and she decided that would be nicer than the (I don't know) avocado (?) that was in there previously. It has been a longer task than I expected (isn't it always), which has included a brief foray into the bedroom to paint some awful closet doors with the white semi-gloss I got for the trim in the office. I must say, despite the annoyance of the detail work (I am meticulous on the edges), and the dearth of joy in a job done without my favorite painting partner (and queen of the roller brush), that the room looks a hundred times nicer, brighter, and cleaner.

Unfortunately, all that painting has cut into my usual routine of reading for eight hours a day (okay, an exaggeration), but I'll be back to that soon enough, I guess.

By the way, Monkey has the camera, and she sent some photos from the road (she and a friend drove out to OR). In Chapell, NE, she found this monstrous ice cream cone in some one's back yard.

That's all for now, a cheese sandwich is calling my name.


La Fashionista said...

Taping = very important. Whenever you have camera access again, I would love to see pics of Monky's newly-painted office!

Have I mentioned that I'm eating meat again, for the time being? It's hard being vegetarian when I love meat. That said, cheese sammich = good too.

Enjoy long periods of R&R (reading and reading) and all the travels ahead!


ATR said...

Taping? Taping is for amateurs!

Welcome back on the meat wagon!


La Fashionista said...

What?! How can you be as meticulous as you claim without taping? I can't believe it. If you're gonna throw down like that, let's see some pics.

Why does meat have to taste so good? And why does it have to be so easy to cook with? If we lived in India, we'd be surrounded by amazing vegetarian food throughout the culture and then this wouldn't be so hard!

Mmmm, tasty meat wagon of love. $3.



ATR said...

Yes, but if you lived in India, you'd have limited access to things like sewers, running water, electricity, and, you'd also be surrounded by a crush of other people. Well, here I am imagining you among the less fortunte classes. Most likely, you'd be among the educated elite, and you would be oblivious to (or at least separated from) such worrisome modes of cobbling out a living. Lucky you. Enjoy your garam masala.