Monday, February 04, 2008

Life-Long Learning

Monkey got me guitar lessons for Christmas this year. Did I tell you that? I know I haven't mentioned the guitar for a long time, but I have been playing pretty regularly. I told Monkey I felt like I was at that point where I needed a teacher. This learning on my own thing was getting kind of stale. Plus, I feel like I may be learning some bad habits.

So, she gave me a certificate that announced that she had pre-paid five lessons with this fellow who had been recommended to her by some friends of ours. I hadn't gotten around to calling him, what with everything that has been going on, but, during my sick week last week, I wrote his numbers on the certificate, fully intending to call him this past weekend.

Friday night found Monkey and I at the Lied Center with our previously mentioned acquaintances, watching a Celtic fiddler and her band (don't ask). Who should be sitting next to us, we found out, but my future teacher and his wife! What a coincidence. We introduced ourselves and I told him I would call on Saturday morning. Which I did. And we set up a lesson time. That evening, Monkey and I went to see The Savages (very good), and guess who we ran into? Yes, the same couple--my teacher and his wife. How strange.

But, strange or not, I have my first lesson on Wednesday. I'd better start practicing so I sound good for it!


AMVB said...

Aweome. And an added bonus of the small-town community connection. I can't wait to hear about it.

P recommends Mel Bay Guitar Method, grade 1 if that is of interest and help.

So at this rate your next post will be a youtube link to a video of you playing guitar to The Ballad of Unadilla Bill?

Rock, brother.


ATR said...

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

AMVB said...

Tell us all about the first lesson when you have a chance!