Sunday, September 30, 2007

Going Back

I'm going home despite
that Thomas Wolfe was right
--Josh Joplin, "Who's Afraid of Thomas Wolfe?

Just got home from a visit back to CoMo. A big thank you to Comoprozac and R for their hospitality.

Had a great time. Friday night, after our arrival, we spent a few hours bending elbows and ears at Booche's and Mojo's. Saturday night, Monkey and I attended the Oktoberfestivities for which we had traveled. We are indebted to our hosts that evening, as the food and beer were copious, the fire was smoky and warm, and the ommpah music was oompah-licious (until a certain someone decided she had had enough and "puuled the plug").

It was great to see everyone we got to see, and apologies go out to everyone we didn't get to see.

The journey home was uneventful, save for the gully washer that forced us to pull over on I-29 due to a lack of visibility.

I will need some time to reflect on the trip. It is an odd experience, returning to a place you have left after living there for a long period of time. This is the second time I have done it, and the first time is not helping me deal with this time. At least, I don't think it is...maybe I am wrong.

At any rate, expect one of two things in the future (or possibly both): a reflection on here and there, and/or a reflection on two years of blogging (an anniversary I reach on Tuesday). Until then: that's all I got.


Bill said...

Sorry I missed you guys twice this weekend. I left Booches before your late visit, and Saturday involved a friend's call to 911 and a visit to see her at University Hospital (thus no Septemberfest for us). All's well now.

Friz says he doesn't know who to tell the foul jokes to anymore, but he has sent all psychos my way, so I'm holding down the therapy at HHS.

Catch you next time.

Anonymous said...

It can be unsettling and lonely to return to a place that once was home when you have changed. Even when you have a great time. Sometimes especially when you have a great time. One could possibly call it a bouleversement, but that would actually be one trying just a wee bit too hard to work in the word of the day that is displayed in the widget on one's dashboard.

And for tomorrow: Happy second birthday, CentStand! I wish you copious caak. Plus pie aplenty.