Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mark It, Dude

Another year has passed on, both on the calendar and in the annals of the author. Monkey and I celebrated with some sushi and a cupcake.

New Year's Eve was a blast. Aunt James had a party and it was a marvel to see how she had prepped her house for the guests. She cleaned out and painted and decorated her entire garage, all in the space of two days. The woman is a manic wonder. It was a little cold, but it looked great.

Unfortunately, I may have erred when I hit the champagne at midnight. It always gives me a headache, and I should have known that 2007 would be little different than 2006 in that respect. I felt pretty awful for most of yesterday. Ah, another New Year's Day on the sofa. Will I never learn?

I pulled some photos off the camera from XmasFest 2006. Here is one of Monkey and I with Nephew #1. He loves the LCD screen on the camera.

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Anonymous said...

Happy new year and happy birthday, ATR! Great pics. I hope you've had fun celebrating with family and friends in the past weeks.