Sunday, January 14, 2007

Greetings from Ice Planet Hoth

We are iced in, over here, people. Friday afternoon and night left us a couple of inches of sleet, and last night left us some freezing rain. The main roads may not be too bad, but, this morning, the dog won't go outside after skittering across the front yard, earlier, and I was left standing on the front porch, looking down the slight hill that is our driveway, wondering how I would get the newspaper, not twenty feet away. More is expected today, with some snow to top it off. It's a good thing that exams ended Thursday and there's no school until Tuesday.

In other news--other awful, horrible, no-good, very bad news--the Ravens held the Colts--the Payton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne Colts--to NO touchdowns...and LOST. It was the worst display of offensive incompetence I have seen in a playoff game since...LAST WEEK, when the same Colts made the Chiefs look like, well, the Ravens (of old). I was speechless. It took all I had to even read the ESPN recap of the game. I'll get over it.

Other than that...exams, as I said, are over...a new semester begins on Tuesday (and we all know why Tuesday is special) word on the job front...Monkey came home with a brochure for a house in Lincoln, priced at more than $280K; it's a nice looking house in the pictures, but it is too much house and too much money for us (Monkey wasn't really offering this as a possibilty, she just wanted me to see it 'cause she thought we'd both like it--damn straight I'd like it!)...that is all.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I sure hope you do not resort to slaying a tonton. If you do, please don't tell us about it. Hopefully, though, you have power and enough bread, milk, and toilet paper and won't have to do that.

I could figure out a way for you to get the newspaper at the bottom of your driveway. It's the getting back to the house part that has me stymied.

It is balmy here. For January, that is. Windows have been open for the past few days. All kinds of things are blooming. It is bizarre.

P and I went to an excellent exhibition at the Phillips the other day:

We've had a pretty full social dance card this weekend. Now I'm getting ready for the start of the spring semester tomorrow.

Will there be school for you tomorrow, or is it still Hothy there?