Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our First Ride

I took another lengthy ride last week, from our house, out east about 45 blocks, then north for several miles, then further east on the out of town extension of the trail that I had ridden earlier in the week when I was finding my way to my new school. I rode back home on the same trail I rode back on earlier in the week, too. The round trip was about twenty-six miles, I think, as I basically did a loop around town, with a little out and back spur through the eastern country side. But that was not the best ride I took last week.

My favorite ride of the week (and maybe forever), was a forty minute pedal through the neighborhood with Monkey. She just bought her first bike, and this was our first ride together. Not only was she on her first bike, but she was basically on her first bike ride! She just learned how to ride last summer, and is now confident enough to have bought a bike and to take it out for a spin. A courageous act, for sure.

But, it was so much fun to just tool around, with no particular place to go, with my favorite riding companion in the whole world. Hooray, Monkey!


La Fashionista said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Such a sweet picture, and I'm very happy for you two to share this together. You GO, Monkey!!!


Monkey said...

YAY!!!! It *was* a great first bike ride. WOW! So happy to have accomplished such a major aspect of life that I couldn't do before. But even happier to have another activity to do with ATR.